Posted on: November 17, 2017

Chardon Citizen Survey Revealed

The City of Chardon mailed 1,500 National Citizen Surveys to randomly selected residents beginning June 23, 2017, to receive feedback on: safety, environment, recreation, education, city services and the economy. A total of eighteen (18) areas were asked to be ranked and included general and custom questions.

Of the 495 completed responses, participants ranked Chardon highly among safety and the economy. The overall image of the City received an 88% ranking; as participants agreed Chardon is an excellent or good place to live and will choose to remain in Chardon for the next five (5) years. City Manager Randy Sharpe commented “I’m pleased to have the statistically valid information from our neighbors regarding the Characteristics, Governance and Participation of the community. It is good to know that City Council, staff and our residents are on the same page and that we are working in the right direction. I’d like to thank everyone that took the time to provide their input.”

The survey asked participants to rate which city issues are most important. Responses listed maintaining city roads, continuing to snow plow the sidewalks and exploring the idea of a single trash hauler as top priorities. Responses also demonstrated that residents support adding additional funding to the City-wide ‘Trash Day’, sidewalk snow plowing, Movies in the Park and Concerts in the Park services.

Comparing the City of Chardon to approximately 300 other communities across the United States, Chardon ranked higher than average in the following 12 areas: police, crime prevention, overall appearance, cleanliness, overall feeling of safety, street lighting, public places, public library, paths and walking trails, city-sponsored special events, mental health care and attended a city-sponsored event. The survey also revealed areas in which the City can improve. Topics included better traffic flow and recycling. Additionally, it was noted that efforts need to be made to promote programs such as the Chardon Fire Department’s Knox Box and Smoke Detector programs. It is recommended that the community conduct a follow-up survey every three (3) – five (5) years to compare data and look at trends and improvements. Mayor, Nancy McArthur said "Although City Council is elected to represent Chardon residents, we felt it was important that their voices be heard directly through this survey. While there were few surprises, the results of this survey are a useful tool that we can use to continue to improve and sustain the services and quality of life that Chardon offers."

Full results and presentation
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