City Council

  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Thursday of every month
  • Council Chambers
    111 Water St.
    Chardon, OH 44024

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.  Zoom Links to the meetings are also included.

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The legislative powers of the City of Chardon, except as otherwise provided by the City of Chardon Charter and by the Constitution of the State of Ohio, shall be vested in a Council of 7 members, all of whom are elected by the people at large, and all of whom shall be elected for a term of 4 years commencing on the 1st day of January next after their election, or until their successors are elected and qualified. 
The Mayor is a member of City Council who presides over the legislative body, and serves as the official head of the municipality for all ceremonial and military defense purposes, and by the Courts for the purpose of serving civil process.  The Mayor does not have any veto authority over the acts of Council.


  Member    Term Expires
 C GrauChristopher Grau, Mayor

December 31, 2025
 D Meleski

Daniel Meleski


December 31, 2025
A Blackley
Andrew Blackley

December 31, 2025
 D ChuhaDeborah Chuha
December 31, 2027
David Lelko

December 31, 2025
 kyle smKyle Martin


December 31, 2027

 H Means

Heather Means, Vice Mayor


December 31, 2027
Heather Means,

December 31, 2023
Heather Means,

December 31, 2023

Form of Government

The form of government established by the Charter of the City of Chardon is known as council-manager. The representative branch consists of the Council, and possesses legislative powers specified in the Charter.

The Council elects a President of Council, who shall also have the title of Mayor, and a Vice President of Council who shall also have the title of Vice Mayor as herein provided and shall appoint a manager who shall execute the laws and administer the government of the Municipality. The Municipality shall have only such officers as are provided in this Charter or any ordinances enacted hereunder.


The Municipality has all the powers, general or special, governmental or proprietary, that may now or hereafter lawfully are possessed or exercised by municipal corporations under the Constitution and general laws of the State of Ohio.

The powers of the Municipality shall be exercised in the manner prescribed in the charter, or, to the extent that the manner is not prescribed herein, in such manner as the Council may determine. The powers of the Municipality may also be exercised, except as a contrary intent or implication in this Charter or in the enactments of the Council, in such manner as may now or hereafter be provided by the general laws of the State of Ohio.

Citizen Input

The Chardon City Council welcomes input from citizens regarding issues facing the community. Chardon residents are invited to attend Council meetings to voice their opinion and observe their city government at work. For those unable to attend meetings, letters or emails are also welcome.

While Council policy discourages the public reading of correspondence, copies of letters or emails addressed to Council will be provided to each member. Council thanks you in advance for your interest in the Chardon community.