Planning & Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Department was established to provide a central point for coordinating construction and land development activities within the City of Chardon. The department provides support services for the administration and enforcement of the Municipal Zoning Ordinances, Land Planning and development regulations.

The department also processes the permits required by the Municipal Zoning, Land Development, and Streets and Utilities Regulations. The department also provides administrative support to the Municipal Planning Commission. Permit applications for construction and land development activities are available at the department office.

Future Planning

In March 2008 Chardon City Council and Planning Commission adopted an update to the Comprehensive Plan to guide the future growth and development of the city.  This is the first updated plan that was adopted since 1980. This plan sets forth the city's vision for the future with policies and guidelines for making land use and other decisions in keeping with that vision. It also provides recommendations for how the city can implement the identified policies to achieve the updated goals.

In September, 2012 Chardon Tomorrow engaged city and community leaders in an uptown design charrette, an intensive vision and planning session aimed at creating a road map for Chardon’s future. Participants generated new goals to preserve the City’s small town family friendly character while encouraging growth on the historic Chardon Square and beyond. The result is this Chardon Tomorrow Uptown Design Charrette Report which was recently accepted by Chardon City Council as a planning concept and reference tool for future Chardon economic development.