Zoning Forms

Contractors do not have to register with the City of Chardon’s Planning and Zoning Department in order to perform work in the City. However, contractors have to obtain the appropriate permits and have a requirement to register with the City of Chardon for tax purposes, which will be initiated by completing and submitting the above RITA Business Registration Form. In addition, Contractors must submit a $5,000 Bond with Certificate of Insurance listing the City as additionally insured if they are performing work in the public right-of-way.

The City of Chardon and a few other surrounding townships use a 'Chardon' mailing address. This is because these communities use the same post office.

Are you a resident of the City of Chardon? Here are a few tips and links to help get you to the right place!

  • Chardon residents have a 3 (three) digit house address. Ex.: 111 Water Street. 
  • Chardon residents will receive a Water/Sewer bill from the Water & Sewer Billing Dept. 
  • Chardon residents will pay a city tax. 

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