Water and Wastewater Departments

Water Department
Our mission is to provide the City with safe, high quality and reliable potable water that meets or exceeds all federal and state drinking water requirements. Our goal is to produce and distribute water for consumption and fire protection in the most efficient way, while maintaining and upgrading the treatment and distribution system to meet the Cities current and future needs. We are also committed to providing professional and courteous services to satisfy the needs of the community.

•              Maintain 6 wells, water treatment plant, storage tanks, over 28 miles of distribution system piping, fire hydrants, and water meters

•              Protect our water distribution system from accidental contamination utilizing a Backflow Prevention Program.

Wastewater Department
Our mission is to protect the health of the public and the environment by providing professional and efficient operation and maintenance of the wastewater system, which includes collection, treatment and disposal of all wastewater related flows in order to maintain compliance with all federal and state regulatory requirements.

•              Maintain the wastewater treatment plant to ensure it operates in accordance with applicable regulations and NPDES permit requirements. 

•              Pro-actively maintain the wastewater collections system infrastructure which includes over 30 miles of sanitary sewer mains and 5 pump stations.

•              Modify and implement changes to comply with new permit requirements.

If reporting a water or sewer emergency after 5 PM, please call the Municipal Center at 440-286-2600 (Option 1).

Water/Sewer Questions

Email the Water Department for general questions concerning your water and wastewater.

Tours of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Interested in bringing students to learn how the City's water system operates? Bring them for an informational tour.

All students MUST have a signed waiver form before participating.
Field Trip Waiver Form

For more information please call: 440-286-2657.

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