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Posted on: May 17, 2022

FAQ regarding the settlement of the lawsuit between the City & County

Why is the City investing $2 million dollars in this project?

  • The City is investing up to $2 million dollars in this project to ensure that Chardon continues as the County seat and that the judicial center of the County remains on Chardon Square for the next 100+ years.   The City’s cooperation with this financial investment aided the County’s decision to proceed with this historic project.


Where is the $2 million coming from and how will that be paid by the City? 

  • The intent is to fund the improvements without issuing new debt:
  • Using funds available in the Chardon Square Capital Improvement Fund;
  • If necessary, allocating additional budgeted funds by using a 5% budget reserve rather than 10% for the General Fund going into 2023, which should be allowable as the Operating Reserve will be fully funded at the end of 2022;
  • Additional transfers from the General Fund; and 
  • Assuming that the City will have not spent 5% of the 2022 and 2023 budgeted expenditures.


Are any City services being jeopardized or reduced to fund this project?

  • No. 

 If the City never filed a law suit against the county, would the county still have invested in this project and does the City have any ability to provide approval on the overall look of the renovation and addition to the courthouse?

  • It’s impossible to predict the future.  What we do know is that by entering into the Agreed Judgement Entry the City has built in safeguards agreed to by both the City and the Commissioners.  Additionally, the plans, drawings, specification of work and cost estimates of the renovation and addition will be agreed upon and overseen by the county commissioners, with the clerk of the court of common pleas, the sheriff, probate judge, and one person appointed by the judge of the court of common pleas.  The City has more input under the Agreement than if the County were to propose and build an addition without it. 


What does the $2 million infrastructure include?

  • The City agreed to invest 10 percent (10%), capped at $2,000,000 towards the public infrastructure, site work, and beautification on the square involved with the Courthouse expansion/renovation project.  Some examples would be: re-grading the land, installation of sanitary, storm water management & storm sewer, landscaping, parking lot construction, etc.



How will this project impact square events during and after construction?

  •  At this time, the construction schedule is unknown.  The groundbreaking for the Courthouse addition is set to occur before December 31, 2023.  However, should extenuating circumstances arrive, the Court has the discretion to move that date up to December 31, 2024.  It is likely that the entire north end of the Square will not be available for events during construction.  Events that previously used the space where the new addition will be located will need to consider alternate locations. 


What is the County doing with the remaining buildings they own on the Square?

  • It has been stated publicly that all the County offices on Chardon Square will remain on the Square.  However, we do not know of any plans for the renovations of other offices at this time.
  • By law the following offices must remain in the County Seat:
    1. Auditor’s office
    2. Treasurer’s office
    3. Prosecutor’s office
    4. Board of Revision
    5. Recorder’s office
    6. The Court of Common Pleas, including the General and Probate Divisions 

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